2017 - 2018 Teacher Grants

 Julia Kumpf (9th Gr. Physics, BHS), Kate Wooley-Brown, (9th Gr. Physics, BHS)

Incorporating Modeling Instruction into Introductory Physics

Ms. Kumpf and Ms. Wooley-Brown will spend three weeks at an intensive Mechanics Modeling Workshop at Teachers College in New York City. By thoroughly learning to use and teach this inquiry-guided technique, they will be able to instruct their students in modeling in order to “discover” physics concepts for themselves and engage more deeply in the subject matter.


Tanya Alvarado (K-8th Grade Spanish, Baker)

Teaching Foreign Language with Technology 

Ms. Alvarado will attend an EdTech Training specifically designed for Language Teachers. Building on work with Google Suites that Baker has done over the past two years, this seminar will provide Ms. Alvarado with the skills to create cutting-edge assessment tools and practice activities for speaking, reading, writing and listening in and out of her classroom.


Fran Kuehn (Social Worker, BHS)

Advanced Clinical Training in Cognitive Behavior Therapy for Challenging Problems in Youth

Mr. Kuehn will attend a workshop at the Beck Institute in Philadelphia to deepen his facility with Cognitive Behavior Therapy. CBT can be a useful tool for treating the complicated issues facing students at the high school including resistance to treatment, school avoidance and family problems.


Angela Harvey (2nd Grade, Driscoll)

Breath and Bliss Immersion Yoga Retreat

Ms. Harvey will attend a yoga retreat, learning the practices of deep breathing, yoga, and tools for stress management. Responding to an increase in her class size and behavioral challenges, Ms. Harvey is seeking to strengthen her own ability to manage difficult situations productively and to bring these critical life skills into her classroom.


Jill Arnold (Speech and Language Pathologist, Pierce), Annemarie Stewart (Special Education, Pierce)

Verbalizing and Visualizing for Cognitive Development, Comprehension and Thinking

Ms. Arnold and Ms. Stewart will attend a training in the Lindamood-Bell program for incorporating visualization and imagery as a tools for literacy comprehension and reasoning. This seminar will broaden the range of techniques available to them and their colleagues to support students in language arts across grade level.


Elisabeth Wolfson (5th Grade, Devotion)                    Adam Russell Gelfand Award recipient

Puffins and Peatlands: Birdwatching 101

 Ms. Wolfson will explore the habitats of birds on the Maine Coast during a 3-day Audubon Society trip. Directly tied to the 5th grade unit of study on birds, Ms. Wolfson will deepen her knowledge of birds, her skills as a bird-watcher, and practice hands on learning in the field. Ms. Wolfson’s experience will enhance her curriculum and model immersive life-long-learning for her students and colleagues.


Leah McGowan (Special Education, Lincoln School)

Project Read Training: Framing your Thoughts

 Ms. McGowan will complete the online course “Framing your Thoughts” offered by Project Read. With this training on basic writing instruction for children with learning differences, and its accompanying resources, Ms. McGowan will be well positioned to implement this technique with grades K-7.


Briana Brown (Environmental Science/Biology, BHS)

Communicating Climate Change: Thinking Globally and Locally

Ms. Brown will attend two seminars on the pedagogy of climate change and the local impact of global warming. These workshops deepen her knowledge of current research and thinking in the field. Ms. Brown will also gain additional scientific teaching skills as she prepares to launch the first non-AP Environmental Science course at BHS.


Peter Sedlak (World Literature, BHS)

In The Trenches: Researching WWI in England, France and Belgium

Inspired by the 10th grade curriculum and the teaching of All Quiet on the Western Front, Mr. Sedlak will travel to archives and museums in Europe to conduct research with primary sources and visit the sites of many events in the book.  Through this exploration, Mr. Sedlak hopes to deepen the connection between his students and their understanding of the literature though a cross-disciplinary, historical lens.


Ceara Yahn (K-8th Grade Art, Heath)

Workshop at The Center for Cartoon Studies

 Ms. Yahn will attend a seminar in Creating Comics at The Center for Cartoon Studies in Vermont. Responding to an increased interest from her students in reading and creating graphic novels, Ms. Yahn will gain her first formal training in cartooning and learn ways in which she can incorporate cartoon-making into the art curriculum as well as across disciplines.


Dr. Oyéshiku Carr (US Honors/AP History, BHS)

Teaching “Black Power”

 Dr. Carr will conduct research of primary sources at the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture in New York City. Using the Center’s current exhibition on the Black Power movement as well as its archives, Dr. Carr will compile resources to strengthen the US History curriculum, specifically working to draw connections for students between the history of the Black Power movement and the current Black Lives Matter movement.


Dinan Messiqua (3rd -8th GradeSpecial Education in LAHB program, Driscoll)

International Dyslexia Association Annual Conference

 Ms. Messiqua will attend the International Dyslexia Association Annual Conference to study best practices for teaching students with dyslexia and related learning disabilities, learn about the most recent neuroscience research in the field, and connect with other educators. 


Glen Gurner (Woodworking/Engineering, BHS)

Woodturning Workshop at Anderson Ranch

Mr. Gurner will attend a weeklong woodturning seminar in Colorado in order to gain hands-on experience and formal training in the art of woodturning. He plans to gain mastery in the use of a lathe for woodturning, which will enhance his ability to teach more advanced skills, using safe and effective methods.


Carolyn Castellano (Music, BHS)

Stanford Jazz Institute

Ms. Castellano will participate in an intensive Jazz Workshop at Stanford University. By returning to the role of student, Ms. Castellano will reengage with the challenges of being a musical learner while studying new techniques for playing, teaching, and arranging.


Vicki LaRiccia (6th -8th Grade Special Education, Lawrence), Gabrielle Mahesh

(3rd -5th Grade Special Education, Lawrence)

Building Culturally Proficient Teachers through Racial Equity Training

Ms. LaRiccia and Ms. Mahesh will attend the “Fundamentals of Facilitation for Racial Justice Work” conference organized by the Interaction Institute for Social Change. This workshop will provide them with a deeper understanding of structural and institutional racism in education as well as valuable tools and resources for facilitating conversations around these issues for both students and teachers. This builds on the district-wide work on race and equity.


Barbara Schiele (8th Grade English, Devotion)

Bard College Institute for Teaching and Writing: Creative Nonfiction

Ms. Schiele will attend a workshop at Bard College in New York, entitled “ Creative Nonfiction: Telling the Truth,” in which she will examine narrative and memoir through study of published works, as well as through her own writing. This seminar is specifically designed for teachers to hone their own skills as writers and as teachers in personal narrative, which will directly affect the 8th grade study on this subject.


Sarah Cuddihy (3-5th Grade Special Education, Driscoll)

Yoga and Mindfulness Teacher Training through Little Flower Yoga

Ms. Cuddihy will complete a Children’s Yoga Training Program at the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, NY. Building on her current adult yoga certification, Ms. Cuddihy will be specifically trained in Children’s Yoga, allowing her to both utilize and teach this practice to students and peers.


Jorge Soto (Band Conductor, BHS)

Professional Conducting Training

Mr. Soto has been given the opportunity to spend time studying and touring with the world-renowned conductor of the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra, Gustavo Dudamel. By learning from the best in the world, he will be able to continue to raise the level of orchestral music at BHS, honing his own skills as a musical leader and instructing his students the way conservatory students are taught.


Courtney Pelletier (6th/ 7th Grade English, Driscoll)

Teachers College: Summer Reading Institute

Ms. Pelletier will attend an intensive seminar at Teachers College in New York focusing on best practices for teaching the newly implemented Lucy Calkins Writing Curriculum. This conference will allow Ms. Pelletier to more fully implement this rich and potentially powerful writing curriculum for all of her middle school students.


Maggie Russell (2nd Grade, Lawrence), Keryn Gannon (2nd Grade, Lawrence), Samantha Marsallo (2nd Grade, Pierce)                                                         Charlie Baker Award recipients


Ms. Russell, Ms. Gannon, and Ms. Marsallo will travel to Arizona to visit the Hopiland Reservation, Hopiland Schools and the Grand Canyon (ancient sacred land of the Hopi people) to experience the history, cultures and traditions of the Hopi. A study of the Hopi is part of the 2nd grade curriculum and currently the focus is primarily on the traditional Hopi lifestyle. While this exploration will enhance their knowledge of the past, the emphasis will be on learning about the modern Hopi in order to provide their students (and 2nd grade colleagues) with a fuller understanding of the present day Hopi way of life.