2017 - 2018 Systemwide Grants

Systemwide grants support growth and innovation in the system as a whole. Systemwide grants may be renewed to provide funding over a three-year or greater period. Smaller leadership grants have traditionally been used to provide continuing education and professional development opportunities to principals, curriculum coordinators, and other administrators. Systemwide grants are developed and administered in collaboration with the Superintendent of Schools and Office of Teaching and Learning staff.

During the 2017–2018 school year, the Brookline Education Foundation will fund $59,000 in Systemwide grants in the following areas:


Leadership Team Retreats 

Building on the powerful impact that last summer’s retreat had on the new leadership team, the administrative leadership will participate in two team-building retreats in the coming year. 


New and Interim Principal Mentoring Program - Recognizing the importance of the first few years in a new leadership role, as well as the ongoing transition in the Principal positions, the very successful mentoring program initiated in 2016-17 will continue in 2017-18 for 2 new principals, 4 second year principals, new vice principals and new central office administrators. View "What Does a Principal Do?"

Superintendent Professional Development Grant

This grants supports the Superintendent’s participation in professional learning opportunities.



Making Informed and Intentional Instructional Decisions

Administrative Leadership will attend the Data Wise training to develop a plan for using data in a meaningful, thoughtful and productive manner that strengthens outcomes for all students.


District-wide Educational Equity

There will be a district-wide Professional Development Day that maintains the focus on educational equity, including a keynote speaker and break-out sessions. Additional follow-up sessions will be conducted throughout the year.