2017 - 2018 Collaborative Grants

Educate 2 B: Tools for Engaged Learning and Living—Occupational Therapists and 12 additional educators from all Brookline Schools including BEEP and the High School, will participate in a training to learn 30 evidence-based self-regulation techniques to be used in classrooms and during therapy. These activities are designed to foster learning by supporting students’ abilities to stay focused, and the tools learned will complement other programs already in place in schools.

Participants: Merrill Forman (BEEP), Jennifer Baum (Heath), MaryAnn Biele (Lincoln), Deborah Caruso (Lawrence), Charlotte Craig (BEEP), Emily Frank (Pre-K-8 Director of Special Education), Annie Harutunian (Driscoll), Jocelyn Hesse (BEEP), Erin McQuaid (Pierce), Anne Osberger (Baker), Joanne Pascar (Devotion), Kate Siegel (BHS), Leslie Turner (Runkle)


Bridging the Gap: Middle to High School Disciplinary Literacy—This grant will connect work being done in middle school disciplinary literacy to work that is being done in this area at BHS. Middle and High School teachers will form 6th-9th grade teams, participating together in a workshop to understand best practices in disciplinary literacy, and then collaborating throughout the year. This work will increase high school preparedness and consistency across schools and content areas, and will provide educators with common language and practices ensure greater students success.

Participants: Joanna Lieberman (K-8 ELA Coordinator), Janet MacNeil (K-8 Science Coordinator), Geoff Tegnell (K-8 Social Studies Coordinator), Katie Stowell (Literacy Specialist, Lincoln), Martha Gammie (6th ELA/Social Studies, Lincoln), Ben Stein (7th ELA/Social Studies, Lincoln), Sarah Rund (6th Science, Lincoln), Andrew Garnett-Cook (7th/8th Social Studies, Heath), Mark Goldner (7th/8th Science, Heath), Rachel Hayashi (7th/8th ELA, Literacy Coach, Heath), Matt Durant (Ed Tech Specialist, Heath), Suzanne Raskin (7th,8th Math, Heath), Jacqueline Hallo (8th Social Studies, Baker), Pamela Penwarden (8th ELA, Baker), Joe Mitchell, (8th Science, Baker), Sheila Jaung, (8th Math, Baker), Christine Collins (Elementary World Language, Baker), Bridget Baird-Francescone (Inclusion Facilitator, Runkle), Amy Sweeney (Literacy Specialist, Runkle), Eileen Woodford (6th.7th Social Studies, Runkle), Debbie Mercer (ECS, Runkle), Teresa Gallo-Toth (Librarian, Runkle), Kate Wooley-Brown (9th Physics, BHS), Julia Kumpf (9th Physics/10th Chemistry, BHS), Chloe Woolever (9th Math, BHS), Kathryn Kanter-Caruso (9th Math, BHS)


Collaborative Teacher Efficacy Using Math Learning Labs –Upper Devotion Math and Special Education teachers will work over the summer to become experts in certain mathematical subjects, then come together during the school year to share best practices, observe one another’s classes, and support one another in new ideas and teaching techniques with a structured, organized approach to peer review and collaborative professional development.

 Participants: Norma Gordon (Mathematics and ECS Specialist), Jeremy Bloch (Middle School Math), Jennifer Jordan (Middle School Math), Oakley Hoerth (Middle School Math), Katherine Judd (Special Education), Kristine Jackson (Special Education), Joan Kreie (Special Education)


Leveled Literacy Intervention: District ELs, FELs Reading Trajectories and Intervention—English Language Learner teachers from Lincoln and Runkle will get certified to teach the reading program, Leveled Literacy Intervention for grades 3-8. They will work closely with Literacy Specialists at their schools to modify the program specifically for English Language Learners, and Former English Language Learners, so that this population can have declining reading levels be addressed, as they currently are being left behind.

Participants: Jodie Waldesbuhl (ELL, Lincoln) Lauren Carroll (ELL, Runkle), Amy Sweeney (Literacy Specialist, Runkle), Elizabeth Cook (Literacy Specialist, Lincoln)


Teachers College Reading and Writing Project Coaching Institute—Seven Brookline Literacy Coaches will attend the Teacher’s College Reading and Writing Project Coaching Institute. The coaches will strengthen their knowledge of the new writing curriculum that the District has adopted, and will be able to support classroom teachers through classroom coaching and professional development.

 Participants: Sarah Maxwell (Lincoln), Rachel Hayahsi (Heath, Runkle), Jennifer Sanders (Upper Devotion), Jennifer Redburn (Driscoll), Dianne Muendel (Lawrence), Shoshana Jacobs (Runkle), Terese Clarke (Lincoln)


Northeastern University School Nurses Summer AcademyBrookline School nurses will attend a two-day conference offered by Northeastern University School Health Academy. This professional learning will benefit the health and safety of all Brookline students, and will cover topics such as gender identity, eating disorders, marijuana use, and cultural issues in nursing.

Participants: Tricia Laham (Coordinator of  School Health Services), Lucy Lukoff (Baker), Ellen Mulock (Baker), Jana Young (Upper Devotion), Penney Casey (BEEP), Hillary Janowski (substitute nurse),  Mary D’Amore (Pierce), Karen Miller (Lawrence), Megan Day (Brookline High School)


Connecting BHS Math Students with the 21st Century Through Coding—Two BHS math teachers will be professionally trained in both computer coding, as well as how to best incorporate project-based programming into math courses. The teachers will participate in summer courses, and will work with consultants who are professionals in the computer science field, who will be able to model the work in the classroom setting.

Participants: Shoshanna Kostant and Grace Wang (BHS Math)


Building Resiliency in Upper Devotion—Members of the Upper Devotion faculty will be trained through the acclaimed Benson-Henry Institute “Resilient Schools” program in Relaxation Response techniques, which will also prepare the teachers to bring these interventions to the students. This will serve to help the teachers be more aware of their own anxiety and stress, as well as help them be more alert to the stress and anxiety in their students. This program incorporates both practical skills in relaxation techniques, as well as knowledge about positive psychology and its affect in one’s personal and academic life.

 Participants: Jana Young (Nurse), Jennifer Maylone (Guidance Counselor), Stephanie Baran (5th grade), Kristen DeCroix 5th grade), Pamela Foggo (5th grade), Catherine Taggart (5th grade), Elisabeth Wolfson (5th grade), Oakley Hoerth (6th grade Math), Mireille Blau (7th grade Social Studies), Jennifer Jordan (7th grade Math), Amy Kane (7th grade ELA), Catherine Fischer-Mueller (8th grade Social Studies), Barbara Schiele (8th grade ELA), Marilyn Yorgey-Williams (8th grade Science), Esther Morales (7/8 Spanish), Priscilla Kwok (Art), Joan Kreie (Learning Center), Kristine Jackson (7/8 Learning Center), Meagan Patch (5/6 Learning Center)


Improving K-12 Physical Education Instructional and Assessment Practices—Four Physical Education teachers and the K-12 Coordinator for Physical Education and Health will attend the Society for Health and Physical Educators National Convention to gain additional knowledge and learn best practices about pedagogical and assessment trends. The team will also work together throughout the year to ensure increased consistency in both teaching and assessment for physical education throughout Brookline.

Participants: Tine Bozeman (K-12 Coordinator for Physical Education and Health), Gretchen Lima, 9-12 Health and Fitness, BHS), Billy Graham (9-12 Health and Fitness, BHS), Lauren Stewart (K-8 Physical Education, Heath), Carlyn Uyenoyama (K-8 Physical Education, 7/8 Health Education, Lawrence)


Reading and Writing Project: Lucy Calkins Summer Writing Institute—A group of K-2 Devotion educators will attend the Lucy Calkins’ Summer Institute for Writing Instruction at Teachers College in Columbia University. They will expand their knowledge of the newly adopted writing curriculum the District introduced, and will share their knowledge both with their colleagues at Devotion, and throughout the District.

Particpants: Nicole Chasse (Kindergarten), Louise Herzog (Kindergarten), Patricia Maloney (Kindergarten), Kerry Grove (1st Grade), Hannah Judd (1st Grade), Amber Haskett (2nd Grade), Andrea Prikacki (3rd Grade), Caitlin Paget (Literacy Collaborative Coach)

SEED Seminar Initiative—Now in its second year, two additional teachers will attend the SEED New Leaders workshop, and will come back to the High School ready to work with the first two teachers to be trained, Kara Lopez and Malcolm Cawthorne, in facilitating seminars for faculty and students on race and identity issues. All SEED facilitators will also continue to collaborate with the leaders of the Identity Curriculum.

Participants: Jeanette Lindor (BHS, Guidance Counselor), Lindsay Davis (BHS, World Language Teacher)