2018 - 2019 Collaborative Grants

Collaborative Grants are designed to promote cooperative efforts across disciplines, across grade levels, and among schools. This category of grants enables the Brookline Education Foundation to bring the core value of Collaborative Relationships to the forefront by promoting opportunities for professional teamwork and cooperative learning throughout Brookline. 

Collaborative Grants awarded for 2018-2019

Challenging Behavior Intervention and Strategies Instruction — This grant will support Board Certified Behavior expert Jess Minahan to work with the entire Devotion staff on strategies for working with students who exhibit challenging behavior. The newly learned strategies and resources will be shared collaboratively and be implemented in student action plans.

Participants: Riley Monahan (Paraprofessional, Coolidge Corner School), Jennifer Buller (Co-Principal, CCS), David O’Hara (Co-Principal, CCS), Coolidge Corner School staff


Diverse Learners, Diverse Libraries: American Library Association Annual Conference — Librarians from three Brookline schools will attend the 2018 Annual Conference of the American Library Association. This conference brings together leaders in the field and will expose participants to new materials, enhance their knowledge on diverse books and authors, and inform them about programming occurring in schools and public libraries nationwide. Our librarians will focus particularly on enhancing their knowledge of current and diverse materials and methods for the K-12 student body, and bring new ideas and energy toward the ongoing goal of building collections that reflect the diversity of students in the Brookline district. They will share this knowledge with all school librarians in the Brookline schools.

Participants: Kathleen Moriarty, (Librarian, Lawrence), Bridget Knightly (Librarian, BHS), Shelley Mains (Librarian, BHS), Anne Reid (Librarian, Driscoll)


Fostering Spanish Language Comprehension and Literacy with Puppets — This collaborative grant will allow six elementary Spanish teachers to receive puppetry training through workshops with Brookline Puppet Showplace Theater. These teachers will then work together to design engaging lessons and materials that will apply to their curriculum. They will implement the work in their classes, which they expect will bring the language to life and increase student comprehension.

Participants: Kaitlin Robinson (Lawrence), Brigitte Valerio (Pierce), Lauren Finucane (Lincoln, Pierce), Leslie Prime (Pierce), Ana Elkhessassi (Coolidge Corner School), Esperanza Villalonga (Baker)


Mathematical Mindset School Initiative — Four Lincoln school faculty will participate in an intensive training at Stanford University, led by expert Jo Boaler. The seminar focuses on leading mindset and mathematics change in schools and districts, as well as content and pedagogy to promote a growth mindset. After the training, participants will collaborate around engaging students and families with learning opportunities that contain specific methods and approaches that promote the development of mathematical discourse, conceptual understanding, problem solving skills, and mathematical growth mindset through equity based practices.

Participants: Jodie Waldesbuhl (English Language Learner, Lincoln), Hilory Paster (Math Specialist, Lincoln), Malia Scott (Math Specialist, Lincoln), Kathleen Hubbard (Math Coordinator K-8), Brian Denitzio (Principal, Lincoln)


Pierce Equity Action Team (PEAT) and Leadership Training — This grant will allow the Pierce Equity Action Team (PEAT) to develop their on-going work in addressing race and educational equity issues at the school. Working with the Equity Collaborative, the three PEAT Leaders will receive leadership and facilitation training and acquire the skills needed to direct discussions with the entire staff and related actions towards closing the opportunity gap at Pierce. In addition, the Equity Collaborativewill have sessions with the entire PEAT team during the 2018-2019 school year to further support their work. The Equity Collaborativebrings knowledge of the Brookline school system, as it has already worked with the district during 2017-2018.

Participants: Dominique Herard (1stGrade, Pierce), Amanda Dulberg (2ndGrade, Pierce), Alison Hansel (Math Specialist, Pierce), Laura Lechner (Literacy Specialist, Pierce), Kim Barnum (3rdGrade, Pierce), Jamie Yadoff (7thGrade English, Language, Arts, Pierce), Kat Gramigna (3rdGrade, Pierce), Anne Sheridan (Music, Pierce), Mary Damore (Nurse, Pierce), Tara Anyaosah (Nurse, Pierce), Dawn Galolo (8thGrade Math, Pierce), Emily Thomas (7thGrade Social Studies, Pierce), Laura West (Kindergarten, Pierce)


SEED New Leaders Week Training, K-8 — Two elementary Math Specialists will attend the intensive SEED (Seeking Educational Equity and Diversity) New Leaders Week to learn to facilitate SEED seminars. They will then conduct seminars for Brookline educators, where participants explore their own identities and belief around multiple identity areas. These seminars will be provided, for the first time, to K-8 educators and will also include an exploration of math identity, incorporating ongoing math department work on equity and identity in mathematics.

Participants: Julie Boss (District wide Math Specialist), Hilory Paster (Math Specialist, Lincoln)


Speech and Language ASHA National Conference 2018 — Speech and language pathologists from every Brookline school will join other field professionals to attend the 2018 American Speech Language and Hearing Association (ASHA) national conference taking place in Boston.  This premier conference of speech and language offers opportunities to learn about the latest research, clinical practice, skills, and resources needed to improve school based SLPs’ work, and the chance to network with national and international leaders in the field. 

Participants: Marty Paul (Driscoll), Shelley Stevens (BHS), Audra Francisco (Lincoln), Laura Vish (Runkle), Erica Landry (Runkle), Lauren Tavares (Runkle), Susan Flegenheimer (Lawrence), Jill Arnold (Pierce), Erica Melmed (Baker), Julie Dananberg (Pierce), Lisa Anne Guerra (Heath), Alison Pomper (Devotion), Carolyn Ketterer (Lincoln), Andrea Schuettler (Lynch), Holly Polgreen (Lynch/Putterham), Kathy Righi (Lynch), Jillian Raffle (BEEP/Beacon, Runkle), Russell Morin (Lawrence), Erica Mahoney (Coolidge Corner School), Cassie Rubinstein (BHS), Alissa Parker (Runkle/Lincoln/BHS), Jackie Rossey (Driscoll), Nicole Poirier (Lawrence, Runkle, Lincoln, BHS, BEEP), Rebecca Lember (BEEP/Putterham), Jackie Hung (Baker), Laura Kessel (District Wide), Emily Frank (District wide)


Teachers College Reading and Writing Project Coaching Institute, Year 2 — This grant will allow the remaining seven Brookline Literacy Coaches to attend the Teacher’s College Reading and Writing Project Coaching Institute. Last year, four coaches attended the Institute through a BEF grant. The coaches will strengthen their knowledge of the writing curriculum that the District adopted three years ago, and will be able to support teachers through classroom coaching and professional development.

Participants: Sarah Maxwell (Lincoln), Terese Clarke (Lincoln), Jill Demsey (Lawrence), Kristin Gray (District), Rachel Hayashi (Heath, Runkle), Shoshana Jacobs (Runkle), Lynni Nordheim (Coolidge Corner School), Caitlin Paget (Coolidge Corner School)