Thank you to our five Marathon Runners that ran the 2018 Boston Marathon with Team Brookline and raised money to help Brookline teachers be their best!



Josephine, a Driscoll teacher, ran her first marathon in 2013, but due to the tragic events of the day she was unable to finish. The energy, positivity and camaraderie she felt during that race carried over all these years and we are thrilled that she will be running for the BEF in the 2018 Boston Marathon.  

Please visit Josephine’s Crowdrise page for more details.



We are excited that Brian, a Pierce parent and experienced marathon runner, will be running for the BEF. Brian attributes much of the opportunity he has had in life to his education in great public schools. Running for the BEF is his way to help ensure others have a similar opportunity.

Please visit Brian’s Crowdrise page for more details.


Ashley is very passionate and active in the education community, and about supporting great school systems and the resources they provide to students and parents. We are delighted that she will be running for the BEF.  

Please visit Ashley’s Crowdrise page for more details.



Heather will use her marathon experience to inspire her students at Devotion School, and start a Girls on the Run group.  The Group aims to empower girls to reach their full potential by combining interactive life lessons with health and fitness.  Heather is a nurse at Devotion and we are excited that she will be running for the BEF.  

Please visit Heather’s Crowdrise page for more details.



Adam is a Baker parent and an experienced marathon runner. Over the years, he has been continually impressed by the remarkable teachers and the education that his children receive in Brookline. We are thrilled that he will be running for the BEF. 

Please visit Adam’s Crowdrise page for more details.